Curryville Fisheries: Products

Here at Curryville Fisheries we want what is best for your lake. We believe an integrated approach is necessary to achieve a healthy lake. Different aquatic weeds in your pond can create a nuisance and can be more troublesome as your pond ages. We have a saying that your lake is always dying and it is up to you to bring it back to life. With our approach we recommend using a chemical treatment followed up by a natural bacteria treatment.

Chemical treatments are only a temporary solution to the problem at hand. The more chemicals you use on your lake the more organic matter build-up/muck you will have on the bottom of the lake. Organic matter build-up is what weeds thrive on to continue growing in a lake. This is where natural bacteria has come into play. Using the natural bacteria products we offer below will help remove the excess organic matter nutrients that weeds thrive on in a lake. To learn more about the chemical and natural bacteria treatments take a look at our products below!

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